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Support Cat Society Hong Kong

Founded in July 2007, Hong Kong Cat Society is committed to the welfare of cats and promotes the simple belief that cats and humans can live in harmony.

They promote adoption and helps in abuse cases.

Gold-D is a brand founded by 2 FIV+ cats; Ken Ken and Gold-D. Ken Ken was abused while Gold-D was abandoned. With this background, Gold-D works and supports local shelters where ever we are.

Healthy food, healthy cats

The food keeps the cat healthy . It prevents health issues (kidney failure, UTI, canceretc) that are avoidable with good food. Health animals increaes the chances of adoption. A first step towards their loving forever homes.

May all be happy and healthy.
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All items are marked for HKCS and will be consolidated and sent to Hong Kong Cat Society. Upon delivery, we will post a acknowledgment photo on our Gold-D HK Facebook.